Free Tickets - Rocks & Hard Places Event at the NAM

There are a few free tickets remaing for ARRSE readers for the Rocks & Hard Places Discussion Panel Event at the National Army Museum this Saturday 19 June at 1730.

The current conflict in Afghanistan is a topic of controversial debate. A panel of leading authorities made up of journalists, historians, and soldiers will discuss the British Army’s ongoing presence in this crossroads of history.

Should the British Army be in Afghanistan?

The event starts at 5.30pm and tickets are normally £15.00/£12.50 and it should last a couple of hours.

So far the panel includes the following and is subject to change;

Bob Shepherd, Author, Security Advisor and ex British Army

Christina Lamb, Author and Sunday Times Foreign Correspondent

Col. Stuart Tootal, Former Commanding Officer, 3 Para

Patrick Mercer, Conservative MP, Chairman of the Sub-Committee on Counter-Terrorism and Historian

Sam Kiley, Journalist & Broadcaster

If you are interested in attending please email the following with total number of tickets required

shop @

Also more information can be found at;


Thanks very much for the tickets major - it was fascinating. alec lomas, camofleur and I thoroughly enjoyed the event. I enjoyed the daytime stuff prior to the discussion as well - particularly the laser shooting :) and the meerkats

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