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Bet you lot thought i was giving stuff away! yeah right!

Actually just wanted to know what the best free anti-spyware etc software is the best to use?

Thanks in advance!

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Why the preference for Avast, MSR?

I have 'repaired' that many PCs which have been brought in with malware and AVG has been installed...

Plus anecdotal evidence suggests that Avast requires fewer system resources.

Microsoft Security Essentials is another good program, which has the advantage of being free even for commercial use.

Pongo, just because you repeat something, that doesn't make it true. Please provide the evidence.

Cheers MSR. Recently had to get my pc seen to as some malware was ruining it despite having AVG installed. So I'll give Avast a go.


If you suspect something is not right, I can recommend this free download: Emsisoft Free Emergency Kit just extract the files to a memory stick and double click on start.exe

Also make sure you run Windows update to keep the OS up to date and this: to ensure all your applications are secure.



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I had AVG, which some malware blasted past and set up shop on my hard drive without so much as a by your leave. might be coincidence, but since changing to Avast no such issues.
Oddly, I downloaded what I thought was AVG free the other day (from their site) and ended up with Avast. I was going to uninstall etc, but it does seem to be lighter on resources and much more unobtrusive when running daily scans or downloading daily updates. Only complaint I have is the annoying American female voice suddenly announcing out of the blue that the scan has been completed and all is well.

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