Free stuff to do in London on a weekend

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Miner, Apr 26, 2013.

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  1. I've posted this in the NAAFI to reach the biggest audience.

    I shall be spending a weekend in London in June (possibly the 8th and 9th) with the wife. She will be attending a teaching course during the day on Saturday and Sunday (teachers working on a weekend, who'd have thunk it?), so I will be left to my own devices during the day.

    So I'm looking for free or cheap things to do. So far I'm going to watch the changing of the guard at Big Lizzies' house on the Saturday at 11.30 (touristy I know. But I've never seen it), then I'm off to the National Army Museum (unfortunately the Imperial War Museum is closed until July due to renovation work). Not being a London native I'm struggling to think of other things to do. Obviously there are loads of things to do, but I don't want to waste my time making do with seeing something that is "ish", and then find out I missed something good.

    Any suggestions, other than getting smashed in a pub?
  2. You could go to Horse Guards to point and laugh.
  3. Museum of London, British Museum, Museum of Docklands.
  4. Do they have to be free things?

    London Aquarium, a bit pricey and can be very busy.
    London Dungeons, I enjoyed it but it's not everyones cup of tea.
    HMS Belfast, very good and not too expensive
    The Natural History Museum.
    There are a few Art galleries about if that's your thing
    The Tower of London, pricey but good if you've not seen it before, also contains the RRF museum.
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  5. Cheers for that, Joe, I never knew you could book tickets for that!
  6. If you go by train lots of 2 for 1 offers or just go to the pub.
  7. It's good, but what you have to remember is that the tourist season has started in earnest now and that it's a weekend. You could be queuing for around 2 hrs to get in.
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  8. 10twattingletters
  9. There's also the Guards museum on Birdcage Walk near the Guards Chapel, I think it's free. It's ok, but it's small so if you decide it's pants you'll not have wasted much time, and it's fairly central as well.
  10. Science Musuem its free and ive enjoyably wasted best part of an afternoon in there (but i am a bit of a geek). I also quite enjoy going to Covent Garden and watching the various street performers.
  11. When I lived in London years ago I took my old man - he was CG 1940-46 and was at Buck House (Coats Mission) but he was never at the Tower. It was October or November, cold, and all the tourists had gone, and VERY atmospheric - you got a real feel for how the place must have been.

    I can highly recommend it, but strictly NO photos.
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  12. My uncle was in the Welsh Guards, so that's tempting.

    Whenever I'm in London, I always seem to end up in Covent Gardens watching them. I'm trying to be organised now and not falling back on going to places I've been before. Good suggestion though.