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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by VonMurvis, Oct 18, 2006.

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  1. Has anyone elese heard about how squaddies have been writing to assorted companies asking for freebies while they are on ops in iraq and afghanistan? (tabasco, oakey etc)

    is this an urban myth?

    what do the brass have to say about such opportunism?

    if so, who is good to write to?????

    Von Murvis
  2. Hmmm strange first post !!!!!!!!!!!!Journo Alert !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. In Bos 1994, wrote to alsorts of Firms, Green Flag, Sky, Tetley's etc, got quite a bit of kit.

    If you want to blag, the best person to write is you!!

    I can't see the Brass having a problem, yuou're onyltrying to make your own life easier, just make sure they don't get the Gucci Goods!
  4. thanks for the replies guys, i can assure u im no journo, although i can see Y u would think that

    Im TA and was told that info at a training weekend just there, i havent been on the sight for ages as i never remebered to get into it,

    i thought, nows as good a time as any
  5. Hi Von Murvis,

    When I was at camp bastion- Op.HerrickIV, I emailed and to beg for free filth. I got back from a very loud patrol and, waiting for me at RHQ, found loads of free filff, and a very fetching polo shirt.
    I heard that some legend asked Argos for a paddling pool, dunno if he got it.
    Just because the MoD treats you like shit, don't mean the public doesn't love you.
  6. On telic IV I wrote to the makers of top trumps (Card game) and got an abosolute stack of them! Also sent us sweets and puzzle books!
    I spent a whole night sending begging letters to different companies but all we ever got was the top trumps (The FHM model ones were the best!)
  7. kit kat anyone? remember The Sun sent out a pallet load into Bos, the pallet never moved out of the QM's, so everybody that visited got buckshee chocs.
  8. we done the begging letter thing in NI. Got loads of stuff, including a mountain bike and one of the brewaries sent us an entire teams worth of rugby kit.
  9. Sarajevo, 1995: wrote to VAX (the hoover folk) because we couldn't get any more paper bags for our only hoover.
    Nice lady sent us a state-of-the-art cloth bag, which (I'm pleased to say) did a great job.
    Is that any good to you?
  10. I wrote to Boeing asking for a few Apache helicopters.

    They never wrote back. 8O

    I did however get sent a Man Utd poster from Man Utd.

    Which was good as I never wrote to them.. :x
  11. doubt it would qwork at the mo with number of people on ops but i might try for xmas
  12. Not sure about free stuff as haven't been or tried yet. However just tried to suspend my mobile phone contract with O2 today for 6 months, fully realising I would have to take it back up when I get back. They told me it was a service they do not supply. After doing some reaserch I discovered that both Vodaphone and Orange offer this service. So I would advise and recomend that you don't get your phone from O2 if you don't want to be screwed when on ops. I informed O2 that upon my return I would be terminating my contract and moving to Vodaphone, they tried to back track and offered me a transfer to a lower taffif, but still didn't offer me suspension, gents you know what to do......

  13. Bloke wrote to some porn mag and got a large bag of filth and some signed photos :D
  14. I surprised the fcuk out of the COS when I ordered a hamper from Fortnum and Mason's...he was very upset because he hadn't realised you could and we all had nicer jam et cetera!
  15. According to an ex Booty Maj one of his men wrote to Wilkinson Sword,claiming that he´d used only one razor blade in six months in the jungle.

    He offered his services for advertising when he got back home;W Sword humbly declined but sent him a six month supply of razor ONE razor blade!