Guys just learned of a new site where you can get your hands on free stuff, all you have to do is log in choose the goods then refer others. Totally Legal, Totally free.

Give it a go.... nothing to lose
yup seen these before... you can refare as many people as you like you wont get a tap..... they are just harvesting details to sell on to other companies...
There's another one:
(Ignore the "time limit" at the beginning, that's just to try and make it look like a scam...)

This is also legit if you can get 5 people to sign up to one of the "offers". One of the offers though is a free utility-switching service which I did, again completely legit and can save you money (if you've got a UK house with control over your utilities).
Not really, the stuff is sponsored by companies such as LLoyds bank, if you like it's pyramid referring
My mate just got a spanking new PSP.... gimmegimmegimme
This is legit. It works a bit like pyramid selling as somebody has said, as for everyone that gets a free gizmo there is a pyramid of people below who sign up, and you only need to make a quid or two off each to pay for those goodies for your man at the top.

There was a story on Newsnight about it, and the transcript was on the BBC webpage but now seems to have been archived. Will try and unearth it.

My mate was building a gambling portal and reckons that it all works via referrals; the economics stack up as poker sites will apparently pay anything up to £50 (!) per person referred, and if you refer 5 people 5x£50 more than pays for your gizmo.

What you can do to buck the system is sign up for poker or DVDs or whatever and then cancel later as the referral links only work one way and the fact you have cancelled doesn't find its way back to the original "free stuff" website, and encourage 5 of your friends to do the same - hey Presto, free stuff that actually is free. Even if it doesn't work, if you cancel you may not get the free stuff but you haven't lost anyting either so is probably worth a try.

Check out htis one if you fancy trying for a free iPod:
I saw the newsnight article too, basically I went to the betfair offer (£10) had a little flutter and hopefully will receive the goods with a small outlay...
It's not strictly true to say that the referrals are one-way only.
It's entirely possible for the commission payment to be withdrawn (happens quite a lot actually).
Some of the gambling sites are now offering upto £100 referral fees.
At this end of the scale they normally demand a deposit of £50 or more but with careful playing of blackjack you can get a 97% return on that £50.
Referral fees are a big business - insurance is another high paying one - £60 for a car insurance policy with LloydsTSB etc.
I was talking to a guy the other day who does nothing but run a few websites full of affilliate links - he was SPENDING £20k a month advertising his sites with google adwords, so I can imagine he was making considerably more than that.

You can also refer yourself & make a healthy profit, using the example above, you deposit £50, get paid £100 so have an instant £50 profit, plus anything you win from your initial £50. I've only just started & have made £400 in the last 2 months.

If the interest is there, I'll write a tutorial to show you how to do it.


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