Free Starbucks coffee, 15 April

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by dangerousdave, Apr 14, 2010.

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  1. dangerousdave - "On Thursday 15 April only, take a re-usable travel flask into Starbucks and get any sized free hot or iced espresso drink worth about £2.65."

    On Friday 16 April buy a whole jar for less than the money you've saved and make your own :omg:


  2. yeah they don't support the forces, never drink in there
  3. Thats b*llocks. Although I never go there anyway
  4. Are they still giving money to the IRA?

    Or was that McDonalds?

    And do they support Red Friday?
  5. Ok I have heard a couple of urban myths about what Starbucks is supposed to get up to but what have they done that is so non-supportive?

    Apart from sell really fcuking awful snacks with their overpriced naff coffee of course.

    Oh and introduce the concept of Tall/skinny/coffeecino/frappe/hazelnut/wibble wibble to the world.
  6. my point was, it's free coffee - and if all arrsers took up the offer, SB will have a nice little unexpected surprise, as they wouldn't expect such demand in ratio to normal daily sales/profits etc :D
  7. You're just bitter :p

    ...see what i did there?
  8. My bold. Are they taking donations?
  9. I´m going to tell them, they´ll be really sh1tting themselves. By the way, all this bollocks about Starbucks and the forces/IRA/Steroids/Asteroids/Crossroids etc, nearly all the outlets are franchises. If your local SB refuses to sponsor a new chinook and send a million quid´s worth of coffee to "The Ghan", blame it on the franchise holder, not the company.
  10. I used to grab a daily Large Iced Coffee Caffe Frappe :D Latte with a triple shot of Espresso thrown in for good measure from the Green Beans Coffee Shop on Camp Victory, Dads-Bagh...

    No need for Matchsticks after that to keep your eyes open for the rest of the day 8O
  11. Going to Starbucks for coffee is like going to prison for sex.

    You know what you are going to get and you know its going to be rough.

    Thier coffee tastes like ditch water, count me out even if its free.
  12. dangerousdave - "You're just bitter :p "

    Not as much as their coffee :D In a word dave, 'Lavazza' ;)


    ps. I see Starbucks did as well in Italy as Dunkin' Donuts :roll: :rofl:
  13. haha :D

    I never said i like SB tho, but as it's free why not. If i do visit a coffee house, i much prefer the Nero/Costa chains, as SB is quite weak tasting compared to them. TBH, i spend most of my time in a public house than a coffee house anyway tho. As a cup of coffee is the price of a pint, i'd rather have the pint :wink: