Free Speech

I am a civilian who married a ex 4th Royal Tanky (yes a wanky tanky ) .I may be female ,I may be a civy but having been to regimental reunions I am not easily shocked,good job since ive read some of the things in here lol.I must say that compared to another forces site I belong to how refreshing this site is.You can put your point over whether everyone agrees or not.The other site I belong to if you dare to post something that critises the site owner then bang whatever you wrote disappears or worse still you find your membership terminated.On one hand you get told no abusive behaviour allowed but if you object to being on the recieving end then yet again your membership is terminated.At least here you know where you stand.It is nice and plainly explained ,the rules easy to understand and you can vent off some of that pent up anger.I will be passing on news of this place to the many friends I have been "reunited" with on my other site.keep up the good work.
How did you guess ? Its the one legged cat site lol.I definately signed up for the wrong site because my cats all have 4 legs lol.They have a site owner who is paranoid about any type of criticism must be sommit to do with his poncy looks .Anyway think you guys will be gettin a lot more new faces in here by the time I am finished lol.Thank god a site that calls a spade a spade.Hope to speak with some of you folks in chat .


Free speech is always subjective-you can draw cartoons about Mohammed and that is "exercising your right to free speech", but try saying the numbers in the Holocaust might have been exagerated and stand by.....
There is no such thing as freedom of speech or rather, complete freedom of speech. If I wrote what I want to write, I would be handing my kit in next week

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