Free speech, libel and the internet age

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Jul 31, 2006.

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    I follow this with interest , primairily for the rather breath-taking double standards I personally feel being displayed by the named party towards other sites, especially as she's so big on 'freedom of speech and enterprise'

    Libertie , egalitie, Fraternetie indeed........
  2. Now there's a debate to be had! and agree with your comment on double standards in relation to Sharman networks.

    So, as a moderator of ARRSE PTP, do you think that that the free speech that we enjoy here (with caveats) will become more restricted over the coming few years as a result of these cases?
  3. Yes I think it will AB. As more and more high profile individuals scour the net looking for 'defamatory comments' on themselves or their business , or rather as their lawyers do , it will get harder. Even putting fora behind membership portals and non-searchable by search engines will be no defence, if Lawyers are determined.

    Still, lucky for P2P net they didn't say her arrse looks fat in that. :D
  4. Looks like the Wicked Witch will be busy. Still it might distract her from allegedly taking money from Childrens Cancer Charities.
  5. I have often trawled through threads on Arrse and seen libel comments.

    MOD's need to be more aware of such comments. I know they cannot go through every single thread, but I seen harmless post's removed and threads with libel comments kept!
  6. Is it libel if it's true John? ( sweating nervously as I wait for the boots kicking in the door)
  7. I see a large part of the problem relating to sites offering truly anonymous postings, and conclude that ISP's are going to find themselves under even more pressure to monitor content then ever before.

    Maybe speech isn't as free as many would think!
  8. Libel is a false and malicious publication printed for the purpose of defaming a living person.
  9. In which case I'm safe.. although isn't there a law which states "The truth is no defence?" an interesting concept.
  10. This issue has been discussed by Arrse Mods , and we are trying to think of ways and means of addressing this.

    Especially in the light of cases like Don King v Judd Burstein , Godfrey? v Demon Internet and now Nikki v P2P net , there will be legal precedents set, something all forum owners will have to keep abreast of.

    I suspect the word alleged will be getting used a lot in the future :(
  11. Maybe respond quicker to user's alerts. I must say I informed BadCo to a Libel comment and the thread was removed.
  12. Maybe get user alerts in the first place? Possibly a "complain about this post" button?

    Are you in 'The law' John, or is this just opinion?
  13. I guess the IS managers of several well known tabloids must really be thinking long and hard about their position. It's one thing to fall victim to libel statements made by anonymous posters, it's a somewhat different matter when 90% of what appears on your "legit site" is as guilty.

    Sorry, forgot - everything that's in the tabloids is correct, right?!
  14. freedom of expression and conscience RIP.
  15. Both..