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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by walting_matilda, Apr 15, 2008.

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  1. Not that I condone such action (he he) but any good sites to get some free software from?
  2. tut tut
  3. your best off trying things like Limewire, or some of the other popular bit torrents................................

    ..................... not that I would know anything about this form of behaviour of course. :roll:
  4. Yes an all legal. AVG anti virus and Zonealarm Firewall - industry leaders and free to use the basic versions for home use
  5. Im after photoshop CS3
  6. If you are expecting to download a 'free' copy of Photoshop CS3 from a site then you will need to think again; however, I am told that you can download a torrent from sites such as the Piratebay and then use a utility such as uTorrent to achieve the same thing.

    Not that I have tried that sort of thing.
  7. isohunt bit torrent

  8. Click me
  9. If you want to do image processing without the risk of illegality, how about
    Irfan View
    for simple things, or for more complex:
  10. MiniNova is your friend.

    As for photoshop CS3, use Gimp, it can do everything photoshop can to the same standard, it just takes a minute to figure out where all the bits and bobs are, for example in Gimp, levels is under colour, sharpen and sharpen more is under enhance. And resise Image is called scale image.

    The usual crop and clone stamp tools have the same icons.
  11. you could just download the 30 day trial from the adobe website and crack it
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