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Brethren, I am amazed! Where are your protests?

We all know that the Stalinist Kremlin gathered around comrade Tony Bliar has banned smoking (despite the hundreds of millions of pounds it generates each year for the NHS), but the announced attack on drinking at home is the last straw.

I admit I like the odd tipple. I drink in my own house. I don't beat my wife or children. I don't waste the local town. If anything, I go to bed early and read a good book.

The UK is turning into a prison camp. It is becoming intolerable. Brethren, raise your glasses and raise your opposition.
Sven said:
How about raising a link
Have you not read the newspapers today Sven?
In the last ten years of this "New labour" shower our freedoms have slowly been taken away from us in that we are now in a semi- communist state with the government poking its nose into everyones affairs.If I'm correct there are quite a few commies in the Labour party still and hell bent on controlling us even more.
It was in the paper today that Labour passed a new law every three hours whilst in power - that's enough to drive anyone to the bottle
Just found it and realised that You were on about - to quote the Telegraph

Drinks will be labelled according to alcohol units from 2008. Alcoholics will be treated like drug addicts and automatically referred for counselling if they are arrested.
If the UK gobment is really serious about curbing drinking among young people. If they also want to lower the level of violence which accompany such excesses, then they have it in their hands to easily do so.

All they have to do is legalise all hemp products. Easy innit?

Of course, it'll never happen, since that would mean applying a modicum of common sense to the problem.


Edited to add: I notice that the title of the thread conforms to what's going on in UK society, in that "Liberty" has been "curtailed". :D :D :D
Interesting about raising the limit to 21.

So - old enough to die for your country but not old enough to obtain booze.

I loathe these interfering fcukers.
rickshaw-major said:
Interesting about raising the limit to 21.

So - old enough to die for your country but not old enough to obtain booze.

I loathe these interfering fcukers.
Same as USA, are we going further down that road??
One of the things that mystifies me in this debate is that there are many countries where alcohol is more freely available, and is much cheaper yet apart from British Lager Louts on holiday they dont seem to have a problem with drinking.

Other countries that do have problems with alcohol such as the Scandinavians have even stricter controls than we do, so is there a little hint in this for us all.

Now the hidden cynic in me just wonders if this new campaign is to try to head of the EU making further attacks on the UK alcohol tax system as they have just done in Sweden
Is this not the same fatuous and discredited government who told us not long ago that 24 HOUR drinking was fine and dandy.

A shower of - well you all know what!

PS When the psychotic Broon discovers that his revenue is falling as more people stop smoking, any bets as to what he'll instead?
Ha ha ha, not one to say it but I fcuking told you so!

Go back to the Smoking ban thread, all those reacting with glee about the ban on smoking, I fcuking told you this was coming.

I see they are rattling out exactly the same reasons as they did for banning smoking, the cost to the NHS, the damage done to children, the cost to the economy, how many people die etc etc etc.

I hope all you anti-smoking nazis are satisfied now.

So anyone what to take a bet on what will be demonised next?


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