Free Smartphone data saving app

Just seen something on BBC 'click' about a free app called Anavo. Apparently it monitors and controls the phone's apps / email / browser data usage by compressing it before it is uploaded / downloaded. Supposed to make great savings when roaming and also reduces the amount of data transmitted, handy if you have a capped data plan.
Yep, thats the one. Sorry, miss-spelled.

I don't know if it does work as well as it's reviews say as I've only had it installed an hour or so. I suppose the true test will come when I'm off abroad next in a few weeks. Sounds like a good way to prevent inadvertant massive bills when roaming.
The only thing of concern, is that traffic will pass through their servers. So to that end, privacy is a major issue. It only takes one disgruntled employee of theirs to cause a world of hurt. However, that is the case for any ISP or similar service I suppose.
How would the Skifta service compare? stick all your films on your lappy at home and watch via skifta on your phone at base.


You would require free wifi service to make economic sense though.

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