Free Sim Cards (o2, Vodafone and orange)

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by discodan, Nov 14, 2005.

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  1. 44 lookers anyone ordered any?
  2. Good find!!
  3. I did the O2 one a while back and recieved 4 sims in the post within a week. Good thing about it is you get 300 free texts per month if you top up with just a tenner. 300 free texts is nothing to sniff at.
  4. you can get the 300 texts without topping up first open the pack put sim in phone dail 248 and register the swipe card in the pack and hey presto 300 free messages straight away :)

  5. But you have to top up on that date every month to keep it going :wink:
  6. Ha,ha. It worked aswell. Nice one. I've had those sim cards for donkeys and didn't bother using them. I've got 4 of the buggers aswell. That's me sorted for free texts for the next few months.
  7. Thanks for the heads up........its appreciated 8)
  8. no ya dont if you run out of texts reset your phone clock and date to the day before your anniversary date leave your phone for 24 hours and hey presto... bobs your uncle fannies your aunty free texts again ;)

    this does work I have been doing it for nearly a year... get about 900 texts a month .. ;)

    and how do I know this... I used to have a phone shop and there is a few tricks like this out there
  9. Ha ha, even better! Surely they have cottoned on to this though?
  10. Cheers, ordered. I have been waiting for 02 to do the offer again!!!
  11. nahhh lol... its one of them automated things god only knows how it works ... but it does ;)
  12. How weird.

    I've just been on the scrounge on Ebay for simcards as I had my phone cut off yesterday (didn't want to pay the £244 bill)

    So now I've ordered 2 Vodafone simcards

    Cheers for the link.
  13. NAUGHTY !!!