Free Shannon Matthews Campaign

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Chibber, Mar 16, 2008.

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  1. Her Parents are pikey scum. She tried to run but was recaptured.

    We should start a campaign to send her red cross parcels with nail files in cakes, escape maps and everything she needs to get further than 1 mile from home.

    Come on, together we can help her.
  2. I'm willing to donate 3 litres of White Lightning, 20 biffters and a Pot Noodle.
  3. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    No, she wasnt trying to escape, she was just competing in the UK hide and seek championships, which she comfortably won.
    Next she is participating in the European Cup, but has her work cut out to un seat the reigning champion, Madeline McCann....
  4. After her success in the junior Hide and Seek championships,Sharron Mathews will now travel abroad to take on current European Champion Madeline McCann

    Too slow at typing
  5. And 2 front row tickets to the next Jezzer Kyle show.
  6. Seconded,so sue me, yes to say that they are "pikey" scum may rise the back up of some travelling people of which i know a few as friends, however everyone should be appalled. Step fathers uncle or who ever this fella is, that strikes me of something inherently wrong with the family mould, kind of a dare i say hebridean family relationship, two families one island? Of course I stand corrected! Good media coverage though and as such they will be planning their move from hell hole to surrey forthwith and be on the next celeb BB , don't you just love media hype nowadays.

    What would Gene Hunt of done?
  7. A cold steak bake on its way.

  8. Very slow in fact, I posted this 23 hours ago!! :wink:

    Post Posted: Sun Mar 16, 2008 12:35 am Post subject: Re: chav brat found.
    After her success in the junior UK hide and seek championships, Shannon Matthews will now try her luck abroad by taking on the current European champion, Madeline McCann.
  9. Did anyone else see that ITV exclusive with the family when they heard she'd been found?

    Pissed myself at some chav aunt on the phone being filmed, when asked to verify the reports Shannon was found to the person she was on the phone to, she replied

    "Well it must be true, its going all around ASDA...."

    I shit you not.
  10. Gene Hunt would have given you a few punches to the kidneys for having pikey friends. Pikey friends = you're a pikey too. I fcuking hate pikeys.
  11. Or the dribbling half-wit relative who criticesed police saying "They could have looked further out-I mean she were just a mile from home" :?
  12. I wholly support your 'Free Shannon Matthews Campaign'.

    Would you please send my free Shannon Matthews to my home address in Jersey? Make sure that it is properly packed in a blanket drawer from a cheap divan bed.
  13. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    In a few more years she'll be breeding, and that is an extended prison sentence for society.

    Free society is what I say - kill her now.
  14. It was the chavs hanging around outside the house that got me... the Sky News reporter said "Let's have a word with the locals and get their reaction" and I was thinking 'bad choice mate, don't do it'. He turned round to talk to some pillock in a shell suit with a baseball cap pearched on his head and clutching a bottle of vodka and was surprised that all he got was a few grunts. He soon moved on to find someone else but his choice was a bit limited. Best cut back to the studio!
  15. Hmm - interesting.

    Jeremy Vine on Radio 2: the 'I am having a fag!' mother has (allegedly) not actually been reunited with the child.

    She has (allegedly) only identified the squab through a one-way mirror and not (allegedly) allowed contact with the product of her womb.