free scran

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by haggler, Jun 12, 2011.

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  1. Nice gesture by them.

    However is that the best piccie they could find? Look at his stubble,gopping thumb nail,is that even a UK helmet?
  2. Cheers, and one only a few miles away from me to!
  3. Judging by his salute, I'd say no.
  4. Indeed a nice gesture, but they could have used a Brit instead of a yank WW2 re-enactor
  5. ".... I'm sorry all our Brit's are busy right now, please accept this non combatant stand in , press 1 for starters 2 for main cou..........." ;)

  6. Thanks for the info got one 13miles away
  7. Dittto, just 32 miles away - just fine for an evening out with SWMBO!
  8. If I wear my WW1 SAS medals can I get extra gravy ?
  9. The one that is near me is gopping. I'd pay not to eat there.
  10. That's pretty generous.They are giving you a window of 6 days to come scarf up your free grub instead of just 1 day that Golden Corral does over here. That gives you a certain flexibility in case you have only one restaurant in the area and a bunch of chow-hounds and freeloaders in the area that you have to elbow out of the way.
    Can't think why they would have used an unshaven G.I. re-enactor as a model for their ad though. Maybe all the Brits were otherwise engaged. :?
  11. Went last night. Good food - and plenty of it - friendly atmosphere and cheap! I'll be going there again.
  12. A very generous offer. I am not aware of one near me though. Still, its good to be appreciated.
  13. went to day


    might go back sat