Free scoff, anyone?

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by WolvoExPunk, Jun 16, 2013.

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  1. Crown Carveries | Homepage

    The Goose pub chain are offering free breakfast or carvery meals to serving or ex-military veterans. You can download a voucher, print it off, and rock up with your ID card or veterans' badge. The offer runs from[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif] Monday 24th to Saturday 29th June 2013.

    I'm looking forward to it already.

  2. Well spotted!!!
  3. Good spot, mate. A nice gesture, smart move and enterprising, nice one Crown Carveries giving the Troops Sunday lunch. Scoff any good then? ;) I'm surprised Wetherspoons et al haven't done something similar, Crown are way ahead. It's only one meal a week and not that hard is it, just so happens it's one of the best meals of the week. Cold war warriors could rock up in medals regaling busty waitresses (or the other sort, for the other sort) with blood and guts stories and after dinner speeches. Any fool knows it's great for business. All we need now is that troops get free scoff every Sunday and it becomes a genuine well-meant gesture elsewhere, everywhere. Wonder who'll follow their lead on this.
  4. I feel you could possibly have just put them out of business.
  5. I manage to get free food every week at the local food bank. :-D
  6. What type of person would 'dine' in a carvery?
  7. I think the word "devour" would be more appropriate.
  8. There. Put that right for you.
  9. Not in the totty ridden seaside paradise I inhabit. Please note I work weekends with a blonde 25 year old with the hottest bangers in the county. Often sat on the table in shorts, picking her bikini line and stroking her legs. And she's Brit, although an eastie beastie sort would get it as well, if she employed her gob for other activities and kept her brothers at about, ooo fifty miles arms length. I would go to Carveries if only to imagine what is grooming itself out the back. As for the person who asked what sort of person eats in a is free, what is wrong with you, do you also turn down noshes from unattractive women in Pubs, just on principle? Take no notice, Crown Carveries; Sunday hangovers, see.
  10. Take your point about no financial cost, but having to sit surrounded by dreadful, mobile-phone-clutching, semi-shaven, semi-literate, barely sentient, horrors dressed in their best Sunday sports rig incurs a terrible emotional cost.