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Discussion in 'Forces Discounts' started by benidormpat, Mar 6, 2013.

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  1. off to the big smoke in a couple of weeks, just wondered if anyone has any ideas where to go what to see (I'll have the Mrs with me)
    tried the search but thought I'd go down the easy route and take the abuse! got a good deal on a hotel and a show but got a few spare
    days so any must see /must do type things appreciated. thanks, Pat.
  2. what sort of things do you enjoy? I'd recommend river cruise to Greenwich(market, pub and Greenwich foot tunnel there - and the new cable car thingy over the Thames), Tate Modern (and Tate Britain), National Army Museum, HMS Belfast, Cabinet War Rooms, Changing of the Guard at Horseguards, Number 11 bus from Liverpool Street to Sloane Square (passes lots of historic sites), St Paul's Cathedral, Borough Market, Westminster Abbey, and if parliament is sitting go and watch a bunch of apes shouting abuse at each other
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  3. The London eye or The view from the Shard. House of Commons and House of Lords tour.
  4. Which of these are free/reduced entry? :roll:
  5. National Army Museum is free, as are all Museums in London. Watching the Change of the Guard is free, and so is walking around Borough Market. As for the rest, full price I guess. The only place I have got in with a discount using my MOD90 is the Tower of London.
  6. FrosteeMARIA

    FrosteeMARIA LE Gallery Guru

    Natural History Museum definitely worth a look.
  7. re taking the ferries/boats etc which is a really great way to see the city....highly recommended, whatever the weather

    Anyone know much about taking the 'ferry' from Woolwich Arsenal up into town ie London Bridge/Embankment on a saturday?
    As far as I can make out it goes every twenty mins and costs about £6 for an adult one-way, takes about 30 mins. Have checked the website info and it seems clear enough...anyone taken that route? Is the reality different to the published times etc?
  8. the OP didn't ask about reduced entry!
  9. How did you enter the thread without clicking on the title?
  10. @OP, much depends on 'what you both are interesting in visiting/viewing' and when your making your visit.

    There is free entry to IWM, visit the service discount websites for up to date offers and alsoI'd recommend researching:

    TNT Magazine
    London What's on, News, Travel Guides, Tour Search, Jobs, Flats, Competitions,Moving to London, Daily News, Forum, TNT Shipping - TNT Magazine - TNT Magazine

    London Evening Standard

    Metro News, Sport, Showbiz, Celebrities from Metro Newspaper

    London Events 2013 - What's on in London 2013 - Time Out London

    London Events Calendar - Things To Do -

  11. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Didn't realise the Tower attracted a discount. Last year it was £20+ per person - too steep for me. I was irritated that HMS Belfast had no kind of discount either.
  12. If you go to Borough Market stay away from the cider stall. Went on a London Ale trial a few months ago and a few of the lads decided to try a few pints. I don't really know what happened after that or how we got home. That said, the cider was rather good. Enjoy your stay whatever you and the wife get up to.