Free Private Support For Professional and Senior Job Seekers

If you are out of work currently this may help and it is government funded which means "Not a Lot of People Know About It"! Anything free from this Government especially for the troops is advertised like it is a secret.

This government funded project is designed to shorten the time it takes to re-enter the job market. Participants, and this includes Professional Service Personnel, are assigned an experienced personal Career Guidance Practitioner.
Your Practitioner will help determine your direction, develop an action plan and give you access to an advanced set of web based, job seeking tools. These tools will simplify, organise and accelerate your job search. Click on the link below for details.


You might want to sort out your persec Kevin.

Thanks I don't know why that is I have amended it again however I did test it out prior to posting. I am not to good on these things. I have I hope now placed the correct link page.
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I don't know how that happened I checked it a few times prior to posting it I have amended it I will have another go to see if it turns out right. It is a good site if people can get into it.
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