Free prescriptions & dental care etc for the TA?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by oldcolt, Apr 2, 2009.

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  1. Having more time on my hands than I would like (I'd rather be earning, than scraping some kind of living) I've been dipping into ArmyNet and found files that appear to show regulars get free dental work, eye care and prescriptions etc. but doesn't make it clear what we as reservists get (if anything). Under the 'one army' we keep hearing about, does anyone have a definitive guide to what we are entitled to (or would be if we knew how to apply for it)? Links would be appreciated! :D

    I am aware that there has been a debate on benefits (as in unemployment benefits) but that didn't shed any light onto my query.
  2. NO !!
  3. 8O Thats pretty definitive!!!! (If you are correct!) :roll:
  4. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    He is. Dental and medical care is only provided when on full time service, be that FTRS or mobilised.
  5. Oh well.... if you don't ask and all that! Thanks! :cry:
  6. "Supposedly" you can get a set of issue joe 90 specs at the same time you get lenses for your ressi.
  7. :D There's always someone who knows/ has heard of a loop hole 8)
  8. Even if you get dental work prior to moblisation that still cannot be claimed for on JPA, which is rather hoop as some guys are paying out and upto #70!

    However if you get an eye test for resi lenses and it costs you, that can be claimed back. But not for a routine check up.
  9. I maneged to get a visit to the dentist while on a two week course.
  10. I got free resie lenses plus issue glasses and my eye test paid for.
  11. As mentioned before, I do think if you are warned off for mobilisation and in receipt of JI's for RTMC, you should be given access to Defence Dentists for a check up and recommendations for work to do, prior to getting to RTMC.
  12. Many TA soldiers get various perks through their civvy job, Company car, overtime, Bonuses. I don't hear Regulars using the one Army concept to try and get some of your perks.
    You can't honestly expect to receive the same benefits as a regular.
  13. try £150 and not a penny back.
    and 7 weeks unemployed as i had had to quit to mobilise

    In fact they spent more time feckin me around in the dental centre at Chilwell, only to bin me than, it would of taken to remove the tooth(which broke the night before we went to Chilwell)

    It menat I ended up deploying with a totally unfamiliar bunch of guys and only found out who i'd be with 2 days before flying into Iraq.

    Pizz up and brewery spring to mind :(
  14. No one is putting the regs down. The TA are now fully integrated as part time soldiers and far removed from the TA of old. There is no doubt that the regulars could not function effectively without the TA given the current demands on manpower. To attract, reacruit and retain good people we need parity between the two groups (regular and part time).

    There is no reason, to my mind, why we should not receive the same perks as regulars. Yes, there are some perks to being a part-time squaddy but there are also a shed load of down sides too (If a reg wants to swap my current lack of job security, lack of pay (or any pay at all for that matter...I'm self employed) they are welcome). :wink:

    Each regular and reservists soldier volunteers for individual reasons but ALL agree to put their lives on the line in the service of our country. Both groups have to reach set standards of fitness and efficiency (There should be NO difference in standards between the two although, I accept, that there are some in some units/ arms but these are being removed over time). One group has to juggle a family life around the army, so does the other but also a civvi job as well.
  15. I'm not knocking the TA, they do a fine job. However the AFPRB take into account the "free" prescriptions and dental.
    Now as TA pay is not your main income. How whould you feel if your civvy employer paid you less than your non-ta collegue because you get "free" care.

    If you want free dentist either join up or go on the dole.
    I do respect the TA but all this moaning about pensions and perks, do you no credit.
    OK you dont get some of the perks as a TA but you also avoid alot of the downside.