Free Premier League footie for British Forces overseas

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BFBS, Aug 13, 2007.

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  1. Free footie for British Forces!

    At the start of the new Barclays Premier League season, British Forces everywhere will be chomping at the bit for a new dose of live Premier League football on BFBS TV. Especially in the incredibly difficult conditions in Iraq and Afghanistan, being able to watch live footie action is a huge morale booster. In most areas of Iraq and Afghanistan, Armed Forces personnel can choose to watch their favourite teams together on communal TVs in Mess tents or in their own bedspace on their own TV or even laptop thanks to BFBS DTT. And if they can’t get to a TV set, they can listen live on BFBS Radio 2. Her Majesty’s Ships at sea also have full live access to the footie fest.

    But this season, something is a little bit different. The footie is free…

    “The Premier League has exempted us from land rights for the next three-year period, with the express wish that the money saved - around a quarter of a million for TV and Radio rights - be used to provide more and better services for troops,” says Helen Williams, Controller BFBS TV.

    “We wanted to show our support for British Forces doing a dangerous and difficult job,” said Premier League Chief Executive Richard Scudamore. “We know that Premier League matches on TV and Radio are a lifeline for the guys and girls away on operations and thought this was the best way we could help our friends at BFBS deliver even more choice to the troops.”

    IMG Media has also granted all HM Ships free access to all Premier League action.

    “It’s all systems go for those serving in the Armed Forces,” said Richard Wise, IMG Media’s Vice President, Programme Sales. ”We are very glad to be helping directly towards Forces’ welfare for those on long deployments away from family and home comforts.”

    With the money saved, BFBS TV will be launching a movie channel in 2008 for British Forces and their families in over 15 countries worldwide, from the Falklands to Afghanistan.

    Managing Director of SSVC, BFBS TV and Radio’s parent charity, Major General (Retd) Alastair D A Duncan CBE DSO said: “From my 30 years in the Army, I know how football mad soldiers are. And having served in Northern Ireland, Bosnia and Sierra Leone, just how important BFBS TV and Radio are as a link to normality when you are far from home.”
  2. Oh great, now I've got to mobilise again just to watch the Toffee Men play. Well, at least its cheaper than sky.
  3. Outstanding, good job
  4. Thanks Sparky Steve, it is really good news. The first of many, we hope.
  5. Well done to all at Beefers - the boys (and girls) in the sandpits will appreciate your efforts. :D
    If it is free (no such thing is there?), hopefully if means that not one more penny will be dropping into the fat wallets of our overpaid prima donnas of the PL - and yes, I am jealous! :x
  6. It's definitely free, Slipperman. We were expecting to pay about around £250k to £260k as we started negotiations for the next three year rights' deal, when the Pemier League came back and said they were exempting us! They made a point of saying that they wanted us to use the money to provide more and better services for British Forces. A bit of good press for once for The Premier League!
  7. Thanks for the explanation BFBS -well done the boys in the Premier League (a little bit of damage limitation there!).
  8. Well done to the Premier League for showing their support for the forces. Kudos too, to BFBS for spending the money on to provide something new.

    I can't stand the ball-kicking game myself, but I know there are many who will revel in the opportunity to pay huge amounts to buy a tacky nylon shirt with someone else's name on it, and sit in the EFI yelling at 22 extravagantly-coiffed morons kicking a ball around.
  9. If only more people were that supportive. I'm not sure what else to say. I don't even watch footie, but still... Nice one!
  10. Did you just edit yourself there, ViroBono, whilst I was thinking up a reply?

    I was about to say: What about:
    West Wing
    Cape Wrath
    Brothers and Sisters
    Mock The Week
    Law and Order
    And classics like Porridge and Sharpe

    all from this week's TV listings...
  11. Excellent!

    Now you can all watch us stroll our way to another title!
  12. Not just free footie, Sky Sports 1 & 2, Sky News, The Hits and BFBS 1 & 2.

    Good job Beefers!
  13. Fantastic!

    Almost...... Rugby as well please!!
  14. Well done to all concerned and what a big impact for morale something like this has on the lads. Can we start asking for free play boy channels now for the sandy places :? (not for my benefits, more for the younger lads benefits obviously) :oops:
  15. On OPTAG I saw a BFBS ad which definitely implied there was frankie being broadcast...