Free post for personnel overseas

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Aug 5, 2007.

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  1. A worthy cause below! I've started a petition, soon to appear (hopefully)

  2. It seems a bit on the bus off the bus with this and every tour or campaign we do it changes. My mum was even made to buy blueys off a post office once to send me when I was in Bosnia and different post offices across uK seem to have different views regarding costs of parcels to BFPO numbers.
  3. It seems the Post Office counters are as much to blame as anyone.

    I send a lot of stuff thru the post office to do with ebay. I price the stuff up at home via the Post Office website then go down the Post Office to add the stamps and send it. Im often sat there arguing with the bird behind the counter about the clearly defined postage costs for the items.

    Maybe these families are not so much getting ripped off by the Government as by the system.
    Can we not send parcels to a UK address... like

    'British Forces Handling Centre... such n such addy'

    then a secondary address written on there too with 'secondary addy' written clearly in the text of that addy, for the Mil posties to forward it on from there to the 'proper BFPO'

    or have i got the wrong end of it?
  4. we do anyway it all goes to Mill Hill first i believe.
  5. Well yeah, but it does addressed to the Theatre BFPO, not a UK addy.
  6. I know where your coming from and believe its been discussed loads of times before but the Post office would lose all that revenue off the squaddies families and doo gooders so FCUK us. :x
  7. Both petitions will be rejected in that case. I guarantee it. They always reject petitions where there are duplicate ones.

  8. Signed. I don't know if fatbadge is right about them binning duplicate petitions, but it is just the sort of underhanded w4nkers trick they would try.
    They're all cnuts you know, but best of luck.
  9. Technically Derek Twigg is correct in saying that the charges are supposed to be for the correct postage charge from here in the UK to the BFPO depot. . . .

    but then so often the scenario at the counter in the Post Office is either in ignorance or deliberate deceit in getting postage through to the final country of destination:

    I have had conversations like this several times:
    "Where is it going?"
    "Its BFPO, so to London please"
    "No, which country is it going to?"
    "Well Country X eventually, but only the bit to London is through the Royal Mail"
    "No it isn't London, it has to be paid all the way to Country X"

    Like The Iron, also found different charges from different individual Post Offices for the same size and weight of package.

    Whilst it would be nice to have parcels free all the way, I rather suspect that parcels that the Royal Mail didnt get any fees for would be the first to get damaged, go late, get lost etc.
  10. Petition rejected, there is an existing one (shame the useless search facility didn't tell me at the time...)

  11. My dear old mum campaigned for free parcels before. Response from MP was that it would cost X millions to impliment. She rightly pointed out that this was X millions that familes and loved ones were currently paying out to send parcels to the boys (and girls). As i understand it then this point actually got through a bit and as a result was that they brought in free parcels for a limited time leading up to christmas. Or so she told me. Maybe it was a bit of mum-walting.
    But yes, a permenent free-post is needed. Or at very least a few free-post coupons issued (sure at least one per month wouldnt break the budget!) that the guys can give to relatives to use.
  12. I have used a company called to send stuff out to Iraq and Afghanistan, they send it via mill hill, never had a problem, always gets there faster than sodding royal mail, is way cheaper postage, one small parcel to afghanistan even with its bfpo number they wanted a tenner, ive just sent a box 4 times as big for £2 odd via box happy.

    Only trouble is, you have to buy what they sell, however never had anyone complain!! and soldier mag rates it to.

    However our king Govt said as the soldiers asked for free phone calls they cant have free post as well, as well they may thing the Govt gives a toss about them
  13. I sent some reading material to the chaps in the AAC but phoned Mill Hill beforehand to ask if I could drop the box in as I was in London at the time. They said that I couldn't as BFPO got a cut of the postage.

    Cost me £16 to send five magazines