Free Police/RMP belt order

Was rooting through stock today and made up a police style / RMP belt order, loose branded items from Bianchi and Peter Jones

Bianchi Belt, Medium
Glock 17 holster
Glock mag holder for 2 mags
Keyring holder
CS Gas holder
Klickfast radio holder
Handcuff holder

All black

Free to anyone who'll pay for the postage
I've got a mate who's buying a Glock, so I know he'll want it. Would you be willing to send to Denmark?
No just UK, and its free i don't want any money for it I'm just clearing out excess kit
One guys already pawned it literally 3 mins ago BUT they're is another bianchi belt and have various Glock mag holders, utility pouches, SMG mag holders, belt is MEDIUM
I'll certainly take anything you have left. let me know what the postage is via pm, and I'll paypal it to you!

Thats if you have any left by now!

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