Free Passports to WWII citizens

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Grumpole, Aug 7, 2008.

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  1. A great idea.

    Now what about extending the same honour to our boys and girls in the services today? I am sick of hearing about servicemen fighting for 'equality'with their civilian peers'. What about superiority? Why can't servicemen be given priority on waiting lists for schools/hospitals, free public transport, education akin to schemes in the USA? This would aid recruiting and retention no end.

    Warm up the outrage bus, and I haven't even had my second coffee yet...
  2. And how many 80+ year olds are going to be active enough to use a free passport!

  3. Grumpole

    If you are serving today and you serve overseas you get a free passport (that wraps up about all of us). This includes the family if a non-op tour and accompanied. True the US has better discounts/deals etc, but one of their main ones is healthcare, which is free in the UK anyway.

    The Gobernment has actually worked on better deals (taking 'work' issues aside) and more and more companies are giving discounts or special offers for service men and service women and their families.

    I think the outrage bus needs a rest on this one. Except the outrage you have caused by making me defending the governemnt on something! :x

  4. I agree with Stilts - how many octogenarians will really benefit? Given that most struggle will choose to try and stay warm and eat properly rather than muse over whether its Ibiza or Ayia Napa this year.

    If this is a service related type of concession why not give it to all ex service people. This way they might find a bit of a take up in the scheme by those of you who have left and are do not have one foot in the grave just yet. If you lads and lasses (and families on non operational postings) get free passports now as you are posted abroad, whoop de do - much like paying the travel costs to get there I would suggest i.e - right and proper
  5. British nationals born before 2 September 1929 (ie those who were eligible to be called up during WWII) have been benefiting from free passports for some time now. Think how many have retired abroad and need a passport for travel back to the UK or even for photo ID purposes in their new country of residence. My late Dad (vet of Egypt, Italy and Palestine) used his free passport to visit me (I live abroad).
  6. I can't help but think that this has more to do with the introduction of compulsory ID cards with biometric data across the entire UK population. Target sections of the population (once theh ageing population is complete children will be next), force (or coerce) them to provide the biometric data, then once the majority of data is held, transfer it to the (easier to manage, hold etc) ID card.

    Suspicious? Me? You bet.
  7. On the button!
    We'll be getting free passports with our Weetabix next.... As long as it's the biometric type. Say No To ID.
  8. OFO,

    I hear what you say and perhaps the outrage bus works ticket can remain in the MTo's office, but as you say, the discounts offered (in my experience) rarely amount to anything special. I have compared the discount brochure offers to the open market and I can honestly say I have never got a better deal when compared to simple haggling. I get updates regularly from the Discounts people and applaud their efforts, but the benefits to servicemen here compared to other nations are second class.

    You mention a 'free' health service, but to be honest, if both my children had not been born overseas (and getting free passports :wink: ) I would have gone private. Actually, one of the major draws in recruitment terms the US services is a college education and citizenship - issues again we lag behind on. I have traveled to the states several times, and every time I am astounded as to how well servicemen are received (e.g. free entry to Busch Gardens, concessions in Sea world etc, not to mention the free drinks off the locals).

    One of the biggest issues to many service families is education, and I repeat my mantra of priority not inferiority when it comes to service children getting table scraps vis a vis school places. I see this is being addressed in the recent command paper but I would like to see the detail - and fast.

    Actually where is the MTO's office...