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Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Ancient_Mariner, Sep 6, 2012.

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  1. I'm having an unusual problem and wondered if anybody else had experienced similar following a recent change in the law.

    A bloke has started parking his car on my drive and blocking access to my garage. He's adamant that there's nothing I can do about this, just as there's nothing farmers can do about pikeys setting up in their fields.

    Getting an eviction order is obviously a non starter as the car isn't there long enough and I don't have the money for a lawyer.

    I'm not going to damage his car as he'd no doubt be able to produce a string of mates who'd swear blind that they saw me doing it.

    I understand that I can't clamp the car as you now need a SIA licence to clamp cars. It's sometimes only there for a very short time so calling a professional clamping/towing company isn't really an option either.

    The police wont do anything as trespass is a civil matter. I understand there isn't an issue of squatting here as he's not inside my house.

    Vehicle access to my drive is gained through a lockable gate. I'd rather not keep it locked all the time as I have friends driving to see me and a neighbour occasionally parks there with my permission.

    Does anybody know whether I can lock the gates behind this bloke, thus trapping his car in the drive? There's a separate pedestrian entrance so there would be no question of the driver being imprisoned.
  2. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Personally I'd throw an old bathroom suite out of the first floor window onto the car.

    "What guv? I was re-doing my bathroom and was just dumping the stuff there until the skip arrived. How was I supposed to know some dumb **** would put his car on MY property right underneath where I had intended to throw my junk?"

    If you need and old bathroom suite I've got two sat in my yard. One even has a cast iron tub, that will properly **** up a car if dropped from a decent height.
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  3. I don't know about how you'd stand legally but I'd go for the locking the gate with the car in it approach. And if he busts the gate trying to get out you've got him for criminal damage.

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  4. I'm having a similar problem. Except I don't know who owns the ******* thing. I left a note on the windscreen this morning politely asking them to move it. If it's still there when I get home today it's getting a liberal application of dog shit under the drivers door handle.

    If that doesn't work and it's there tomorrow night I'm either going to tow the ****** and dump it in the middle of the road or pay some scrote in the pub a score to break into it. Haven't decided yet.

    Sensible answer. If its actually on your drive then it's on private property. Phone the rozzers. Or buy a clamp and charge the twat a £200 release fee.

    Edit- just read your post properly. Tell the rozzers you're ex forces and concerned about a suspicious vehicle that's been left on your driveway.
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  5. What a shame, seriously. The cheeky tw@t. No idea of the law on this civil stuff except that the Police probably wouldn't become involved apart from a breach of the peace. I know these bastards actually do park in people's driveways and block access. I'd keep the gate locked and put up a sign. Is it possible to charge for parking on your own property? Anyone know the answer?
  6. Someone parked in my drive once whilst my car was further doon the drive went to cops they had it towed away after finding out who it was by the registration and phoning his house getting his works nummber phoning him he worked 30 miles away so they deemed to move it as he was impeding me .Also the bloke over the road someone parked over his drive on the road he got shifted as well .So basicly the homeowner/ with his cas has rights too as far as i can see .we also have parking bays in front of the house with double yelloys saperating them from the roadthey cant officialy park there either though a bit of a gray area if approached they say they are visiting one of the houses
  7. imagesCAVK5BPL.jpg
    A couple of these would be favourite.

    But locking the gate and then getting him towed away (he gets the bill not you AFAIK) should discourage him.
  8. Without knowing the layout of your property, could you box him in with your own car? Just before a two week vacation would be good.

    Possibly charge him a wheel nut per park, don't tell him, let it be a suprise.

    Or report the car stolen, from a call box.
  9. AFAIK If you have clamping warning signs you can clamp on private property as long as you don't charge a fee for the release. It's the fee aspect that is licensable under the PSIA 2001. I would shove some signs up warning of the threat of clamping (making it clear that the clamp may not be removed for up to 48 hours), clamp him and then sit back and wait for a long time before unlocking it!

    If you head over to they may be able to help, although they specialise in fighting rogue clampers and dodgy council, their knowledge of the law in this area is unbelievable!

  10. Holy Jesus, AM, I thought the country was suffering from an epidemic of twattery, but that is epic.

    Try Pepipoo for advice. Can you get the neighbour to park a car across the drive, whilst the trespassing car is there? Or get a skip licence from the local council and ask a few local skip companies if they could drop off a full skip at short notice. And leave it for a few days. They do this to block access to sites where there is a risk of a pikey invasion and/or fly-tipping.

    I heard of someone parking in front of a garage. The garage contained welding equipment. The car owner found his doors difficult to open on his return.
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  11. Could you ask for a donation to a charity for release?
  12. From the other sites...

    If you then parked in front of the vehicle on your own drive, thus blocking him in and unable to join a public highway, it would then be you who is committing the offence of obstruction.
  13. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Or park your own car on the drive and use your garage to store shite like the rest of us peasants do.
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  14. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    post photos of the car on here including the numberplate , then print it off and stick it on his window .
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