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Lambeth traffic wardens quit over immigration row

Half of a council's traffic wardens have quit their jobs or been sacked after management began carrying out immigration checks.

The 48 members of staff, who patrolled the streets of Lambeth, have all either resigned or been fired after they were asked to bring in their passports. Read On...

In PC Britain, I'm quite surprised that the person who told them to bring on their passports hasn't been sacked yet...!
Now they should run the same checks on all Lambeth employees. Only thing is, if half cleared off or got sacked, no one would notice the difference. Yes, phones wouldn't be answered, letters wouldn't be replied to, and anyone you did manage to speak with wouldn't know anything about the subject and/or couldn't say anything that wasn't on a leaflet or on the web site - that's other than saying the person you really need to speak with was in a meeting/on leave/in another department/boiling their head or polishing their BM of course. Like I said, no one would notice the difference. :clown:

I thought I'd noticed an increase in the number of people thrusting London Lite in my face.

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