Free parking at a base near a London tube station?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by alibongo, Oct 8, 2007.

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  1. I'm due to visit central London next month and vaguely remember hearing something about being able to get free parking at one of the London military bases, which is very close to a tube station.

    Anyone know if this is true, and if I need to make arrangements beforehand?
  2. There are spare parking spaces behind Hangar 2 at RAF Kinloss
  3. Free parking at the Union Jack Club, Waterloo

    Room costs £42 a day........

    Alternatively, drive straight through the gates at the Royal Hospital, Chelsea. By the time the Gate Constable has caught up with you, it wil be time to go home.
  4. hounslow barracks, picadilly line,,,
  5. Think again!

  6. Guess I got away with it then.........
  7. Is there still a multi-storey car park near Stratford train/tube station? If so, does anybody know how much they charge?
  8. There is a mega Morrisons superstore right in the centre of Stratford with a car park the size of Chelsea barracks.
    You could always chance your arm there???
  9. If I'm not mistaken RAF Uxbridge has plenty of space and will look after your car for you!
  10. PJHQ is OK too.
  11. knightsbridge barracks is ok if you come by horse,
  12. RAF Northholt. Tubestation out the maingate, turn left and 200m up on right hand side of road.
  13. I remembrer being told that RAF Uxbridge has an honesty system where you park your car and contribute a small ammount depending on how long you leave it for, i.e Airport = more than 2 nights in London e.c.t thats correct as of 04 and i can't see why it should of changed since.
  14. South Ruislip Station as opposed to Northolt but they are both Central Line one station apart.

    200 yards up turn up Station approach the tube is in front of you.
  15. If it has not changed car parking is free at the firepower museum woolwich :)