Free parental control program for WIFI advice


Does anyone know of a free parental control program so I can limit internet time for my daughters, I had BT which had it in built into the router but have now moved over to sky. They connect via WIFI.

thanks for your help


No expert but at our place we've used Microsoft Family Safety 2011 to monitor the kids antics online. MS says Family Safety enhances the standard Parental Controls in Windows, adding remote management that you can use to change your child’s permissions online. Get session and website visit reports right from the Family Safety website—you don’t have to log on to your child’s PC. When installed on multiple PCs in the household, Family Safety enforces the same settings and combines reports from all PCs into one. Sounds good but it tends to be over picky, like a huffing auntie, which 'll drive the kids mad.

Paid Parental Control software, Net Nanny for instance, isn't that expensive from around £16.00 .

WiFi security I've even less idea about, although I've clicked up our router from WEP to WPA2-PSK security as that's supposed to be good security against WiFi sniffers, and managed to do it online with a bit of help from Google.

Perhaps a nice, informed person will be able to give you better advice.
If your in windows look in the control panel for parental controls. Just set them up and hey presto as long as they have their own account for you to administer.
Easiest way if your connected by Ethernet cable is to log into the router and manually disable/enable WIFI. Have you checked your routers settings as some can assign online times to IP/MAC addresses, I have a Belkin that does that.

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