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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by wheelchairwarrier, Aug 20, 2007.

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  1. What wonderful news that is. Signed as many campaigns for free post as I could and its worked. Great news for all of us that have soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. Well done Royal Mail. Can you tell how pleased I am?
  2. :boogie: Whoop-dee-doo! 8)
  3. How about we all celebrate by sending a parcel to an anonymous soldier. All we need is the BFPO address, and to send it c/o the CO of the regt/battalion, who I'm sure will arrange for them to be distributed.

    Post the relevant info here and I'll post one parcel each to Herrick and Telic every few weeks.
  4. Its going to be great especially as you dont have to worry about the cost anymore. Be able to just pick up extra supplies when in the supermarket and send them. What a great morale booster for the troops. My son is due home in a couple of months but even so it is wonderful news - about time someone actually appreciated what the troops do.
  5. About bloody time!! Best bit of news I've heard in ages.

    I don't have much spare cash but I'll send one out. Did my bit for a friend over Christmas and I know he appreciated it. As did all the lads as I cleared all the sweets out of demon's overflowing sweetie tin :p
  6. I've made up a couple of boxes , ready for the first hurdle in the morning...Post Office Counters Ltd, lets all use it ,but dont abuse it.
  7. And how long will this last? The post was always free from the military point of view, it was just Royal Mail who charged UK rates to get it into the military system. If people take the p!ss Royal Mail will just stop it or ask the MoD to pay, in which case another element of the OWP will be removed. I'm naturally a pessimist but will hope to be proved wrong.
  8. Excellent news but why is it the Royal Mail foot the bill and how long will that last?

    Will the military system cope with this?

    This is another soundbite victory I suspect and I wonder how well it has all been thought through...

    edited to add - until Christmas apparently as it has not been thought through :roll:
  9. On armynet just now...

    Well done Royal Mail!

  10. well done royal mail!

    only thing that bothers me, is if there delivery times to agfan and iraq are what they are like over here, mos tof the guys tours will be done by the time the stuff arrives!!

    But good effort on the mail for standing up where the goverment wouldn't!
  11. When i was on Granby the mail was regular so i'm hoping it will be the same for the guys on ops. Bloody government should have made these things free long ago. Everyone knows it's the parcels from home that keep the troops going.
  12. A welcome move and one HMG should have sorted long ago.

    However will only run until Christmas (the last Christmas posting date for the address we must imagine) after which "arrangements will be negotiated with the MoD." (why does that not fill me with confidence?)

    Also 2Kg upper weight limit.
  13. Just a quick question that hopefully someone can advis eon. Apologies if its a thick question.

    I want to send a letter containing photographs to Afghan. Do I have to take this to the post office and do it through that route or can I just post it in the box (with no stamps right?).
  14. Stephanie
    personaly I would take it to the PO counter get proof of posting if required and you can deal with the
    questions at the time in stead of Royal mail opening parcel to ascertain sender or binning it


    Thats a lot of photos for the weight limit ;)