Free Parcel Service Extended

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mongoose, Nov 12, 2007.

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  1. Just heard on the radio the free service to operational theatres has been extended for as long as needed, woowoo!

    Now if only the idiots in the local post office actually knew about it so I wouldn't have to argue with them every single day...
  2. Published Date: 12 November 2007
    Source: Press Association
    Location: The Press Association Newsdesk

    A free parcel service for the families of British troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan is to be extended, the Royal Mail has announced.
    The service was launched in September after complaints from families and friends of the troops and was due to run out next month.

    The Royal Mail said that, under a new deal agreed with the Ministry of Defence, the service will continue after Christmas and is expected to last as long as British troops are serving in the two danger zones.

    Defence Secretary Des Browne said: "The introduction of free post in the summer has been a real success with both families and service personnel, and I am just delighted that we have been able to come to an agreement with Royal Mail that will ensure the continuation of this valued service.

    "I am very grateful to Royal Mail for their support for our troops."

    Royal Mail chief executive Adam Crozier said: "I'm very proud that Royal Mail will continue to play a key role in making it as easy as possible for families and friends to send gifts and home comforts to their loved ones in the frontline.

    "The messages we've received from men and women at the front tell us how much they value parcels from home - and we're delighted to work with the BFPO to ensure a free service continues."

    Over the past few weeks around 100,000 parcels a week have been sent free of postage to around 14,000 frontline personnel, providing them with gifts, non-perishable food items and home comforts.

    Under the new deal, the cost of continuing the free frontline parcel scheme will be shared jointly by Royal Mail and the MoD's British Forces Post Office.

    Relatives and friends can take parcels weighing up to 2kg (4.4lb) to any Post Office branch for onward posting to troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as to Royal Navy ships in the region.
  3. Grrrrreat !
    How can I/we get the message over to Mr & Mrs Patel in the local Post Office? Same problem as negotiating Scottish bank notes. So much easier to give in, after all we've more or less handed over the country to outsiders as it is. Yes, I am bitter, not I am not racist.
  4. Apparently it's not obvious on the software, if they put in say 792 it brings up the price, there's like a button hidden down on the bottom that's been updated...causes me no end of grief with the mongs.
  5. What an absolutely shi*t post of total irrelevance.

    Totally unsurprised though, as you are a total ranting choob , who really would be better off with crayons and paper under careful supervision than actually let loose on the interweb.

    Mr. and Mrs. Patel are probably more in tune with this than you give them credit for. Certainly the Mr. and Mrs. Patel who were wearing their poppies in honour of their Grandfather in a sub post office hereabouts last week.

    I'm sure if I showed them a Scottish bank note or indeed a Euro note, they'd give me change in English money.

    Start packing lsquared. One by one I'll cleanse this forum of the bigoted , ranting , drooling clowns trying to infest this means, who add the square root of f**k all , but aid our critics handsomely.
  6. This is good news - but it shouldnt be up to Royal Mail
  7. Thats a proper man size tasking PTP!!
  8. HERE
    on the Royal Mail Website - hope it helps :)
  9. Thats great news,nothing like a goody box to cheer you up,and power to you PTP
  10. Can anyone give me a name so that residents in the village I live in can send parcels to Iraq and Afghanistan? We did it last year through a name who then distributed them out. Can't seem to get one this year. A number of villages got back nice thank you letters.

  11. The way I got a name for a girl to post a parcel was to get in touch with the RBL who were very helpful and rang me back with an address
  12. Im in the process of getting some names, my mates lad is over in Afghan, so should get some addys, as long as you dont mind sending them to the premier Cavalry Regt :)
  13. That is very kind if you could get some other names from other units that would help share the good will around. Can you PM with them?
  14. Yes will do, however its more than likely only the one Regiment at the mo.
  15. PTP,

    Right behind you - keep up the good work. Mrs R