Free Parashoot lessins

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Tigermercenary, Mar 10, 2007.

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  1. Hi I hear you limeyz don't teach parashooting anymorewich is not good so I thot I would see if anyone wanted free parashoot lessins when I come to england.
    if you want to learn froma badazz merc sign up here.

  2. ouyin

    ouyin War Hero


    (If it's not, then fcuk me, you're dumb)
  3. Brew_Time

    Brew_Time War Hero

    Sorry mate, you wear too much lipstick for me.

  4. Isn't he a bit young for an E6? And look at all those medals! :worship:

    (We still teach English though.)
  5. Can you pleez sine me up four free parashoot lessins?

    Not too, or fore but free.
  6. EAGLE1

    EAGLE1 Old-Salt

    Why is there a tool box against the door- is it to stop your dad from bursting in and filling you in when he realises you have hired out a uniform and posed as a soldier.
    I bet you are sitting there in your g-string are you 'ctauch'.
  7. Egad, I think you've tumbled him! It's his dad's uniform!
  8. You post like you are a cast member of Allo Allo with an outrageously daft Frog accent.

    Is that a picture of you? If so, you'll go down a storm at a choir boy bottom touching club.

    How old are you? 12??
  9. legal_eagle

    legal_eagle War Hero

    Gotta be a Wah surely...not even an American could be that daft!

    I don't know a lot about their uniforms but don't US Airborne wear wings on their chest? He isn't.
  10. He's got a real pretty mouth on him, don't he?

  11. Oracle

    Oracle Crow

    He's got no chin!

  12. Why not? They keep electing the thickest and daftest (as do we unfortunately).
  13. Trevelez

    Trevelez Crow

    Waahh, not even a fifteen year old American gentlemen could speel as badly as that. If you want to shoot young man, cover your keyboard with cling film, better, innit
  14. Alas I think you are correct. Tigermerc is as American as I am a member of RADA.
  15. Im not airborn, I am a blackops sniper. I could tell you why I dont have my wings on, but then i wold have to kill u, (Haha)