Free On-line Cisco CCNA Courses

Hello All,

It's been a whle in coming since I contacted the site admin but finally here it is:

We at Commsupport are now offering completely free of charge live on-line instructor led CCNA training that anyone can attend from anywhere in the world provided you have a headset, computer and internet connection.

As our Student you'll have access to your twice weekly live webinar sessions were we discuss networking subjects,

Join our growing community of Commsupport webinarians!

As our Student you'll have access to your twice weekly live webinar sessions were will start at the very beginning of the CCNA course curriculum all the way through to IPv6 and Frame relay.

We discuss all the networking subjects in the CCNA syllabus, go over example exam questions, run lots of live configuration scenarios and have a generally good laugh and chat about networking subjects

These sessions really help to motivate and reinforce the subjects that you may have been studying and prepare you for the Cisco CCNA Exam

NEXT COURSE START DATE: Thursday 2nd September 2010 8:00pm (The Free On-line CCNA Course will Run for approx 8 weeks) and each session is approx 2 hours

To register click here FREE CCNA ONLINE COURSE, Register to reserve your place.

Many thanks


(I e-mailed the site admin a while back for permission to post this notice)
I already have my CCNA but have not used my networking skills for over a year, could I still join in the fun as a refresher or would I be using the place of someone who may need it?
No problem, all are welcome.

It's really important to keep your hand in when it comes to cisco, the best thing to do that is to either get hold of some cisco kit from ebay etc, or you can always use a computer based simulator like gns3, gns3 is great and free but requires a copy of cisco ios or if you can get it a copy of cisco really good Packet tracer.

Many thanks

It's the whole thing. From A to Z. from bog standard Command line to Frame Relay and IPv6.

There is no completion cert, it eould not carry any sort of weight. The only cert that does is when you pass the official CCNA exam.

It is hard work but my regular classroom based students love the webinars, it gives them the motivation to carry on their studies once they have left the classrom. It's tough once you leave the classroom and are longer in the learning enviroment and since we introduced the webinars we have found that the time from taking a course to doing the ccna exam has shortened,


Just like to add that I have just been on one of these "webinars" and found it very useful, I do not know what level it was aimed at but thought it was ok for me, if you dont know much about networking it would have probably been quite confusing and you would have had lots of questions. Though I think that the course starts in September and that one may start at the beginning.

Thanks Joe it was a good refresher for me, please invite me to any others you have going.
We have had an amazing response from members of this site. Many thanks to all those that have registered for the free ccna in September

We have another Free Webinar starting on the 31st August, this one is based around the basics of the OSI model, the first 4 layers, if you want to register for it please go to this link FREE OSI WEBINAR

Click on the "Webinar" icon at the top of the page, this will take you through to the webinar page where you will see the link to the registration site. Look for the webinar dated "31st of August". This webinar is limited to just 25 students, this way we can get in more question and answer sessions

So if you are just getting into networking and have stumbled across the great OSI model and are a little puzzled by it then this free webinar should help clear a few of the cobwebs



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