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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by boggy_loggy, Mar 6, 2007.

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  1. Well, we all wish....

    Again, i find myself going to the RAO cap-in-hand asking if i can have some of his personal money! I think that i'm being fobbed off...maybe somebody can clarify?

    In the old days, if you deployed on an OTX / tour and sent your kit as unaccompanied freight, you could always claim back the cost of your kit insurance, not much, about (IIRC) £30 each way.

    Has this been stopped, or has it become something else? I've scoured the AEL to no avail???


  2. Seems to have changed its named to Insurance Allowance, Now Chapter 7 Section 3 of JSP 752

    The Link below should give you more info,

    The Admin office should have squared you away on this one!

  3. yeah, they should, but its too much like work for them...they've said that we can't get it! every other deployment i've had it....who's right????
  4. its about £35 a time now. and as far as i'm concerned you still get it - last time for me was april last year. don't know if it's vanishing under JPA though.
  5. You can still get it at the moment, my unit managed to fob us off by telling us we were only deploying for 2 months, so we wouldn't be able to take comfy boxes. Waited till we landed in Iraq then went wahh! you're here for the full 6 months. Barstuards.
  6. You get it for your kit going both ways as long as you can prove that you are insured in the first place and that you have paid the premiums for the months that you are claiming for.