Free Money ???

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by BFG 9000, Aug 17, 2005.

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  1. Over on my Price Comparison Site you'll see a link on the right hand side to ' Bingos '.

    If you click that, sign up, add some money (minimum £10), & play a game, they'll pay me commission.
    Now it's considered unethical for me to offer incentives to people to do this, so on a completely unrelated note, I'm considering giving away £20 to certain ARRSE Users (& another £10 each time to the ARRSE coffers).

    If anyone takes this offer up, please PM me with the exact time & date on your payment confirmation email (& also post in this thread to keep it alive).
    Also, if anyone would like more than £10 to go to ARRSE, just let me know.

    Note: the name ' Bingos ' is a bit of a misnomer, they also have Blackjack etc.....

    N.B. This won't work if you have already registered & you MUST go via the link on my site & it may take 30 days before payment.
    EDIT - DON'T enter any referral details or codes if asked during the sign-up


  2. Expired.....
  3. BFG all I found was a list of ****, double **** etc. dvd titles on the right side!
  4. ..... and the link to 'Big Hairy Ballsacks' didn't work :( Gutted, been so long thought I'd have a peek in case I ever caught sight of a rogue set and was asked if I knew what they were.......

    Beebs :oops:
  5. Apparently it's funny to search for this sort of thing.........
    The last 10 searches are displayed on the right hand side.

    Oh come on now - we've all heard about your membership of 'specialist' clubs.


  6. Exactly! The male members male members of the 'Gotmeballshackedoffbythemissusforbeingalippycnut' don't tend to hang to low........ 8O

    Membership open to those who are willing to make the cut or those who no longer hang with the rest? :roll: