Free money for you or your kids - Lord Kitchener's National Memorial Fund

This was posted on the Defence Intranet today - had no idea it existed...

"For a hundred years, the Lord Kitchener National Memorial Fund (LKNMF) has been issuing Scholarships to young people on entering higher education. Any Armed Forces leavers under the age of 30, and children of current-serving or ex-Armed Forces personnel, are eligible to apply. This year the Scholarship is likely to be in the region of £1,500.

On account of my father’s service in the Royal Navy, I was eligible to apply when I went to university (some 20+ years ago now!), my application was successful, I received £500 (the value of the Scholarship at the time) and became a Kitchener Scholar. The money was of course very useful at the time, but of even more value over time was the fact that as a Kitchener Scholar I became part of the alumni association of Scholars. Through this I have made life-long friendships after meeting other scholars at our range of social events. With scholars engaged in a complete cross-section of careers across the private, public and third sectors, the Association also helps provide careers advice to the new Scholars when they graduate and promotes continuing mentoring and fellowship between Scholars.

So, could you or your children be eligible to apply this year, or in the future? Or the children of someone you know, any of your ex-Forces colleagues? Full details of eligibility and the application process can be found on the website

The history of the Fund itself is quite remarkable. Lord Kitchener, famous of course as the face of Armed Forces recruitment in the First World War, died tragically in 1916 along with hundreds of sailors when the HMS Hampshire – taking Kitchener on a diplomatic mission to Russia – struck a mine off Orkney and sunk. Such was the regard that Kitchener was held in by the British public, when the Lord Mayor of London started an appeal to raise funds for a memorial to Kitchener, more than £500,000 (the equivalent of millions in today’s money) was donated by people from all walks of life and the Lord Kitchener Memorial Fund was established. The statue of Kitchener in Horseguards, a memorial in St Paul’s Cathedral and a medical school at the University of Khartoum were all constructed with money from the Fund. Under its Charter, the Fund also provided for ‘the relief of disabled officers and men' of the First World War.

Soon after, Scholarships began to be awarded from the Fund to veterans returning to university, their studies having been interrupted by the War. Kitchener was a great believer in the power of education and so it is fitting that over a hundred years after his death, the fund continues to support education in the Forces community through the award of Scholarships to Armed Forces leavers and children of Armed Forces personnel.

So please have a think and if there’s someone you know who could be eligible, please point them towards the website – more applications this year or in future years would be most welcome from across the Defence community. "
Two of my sons have been awarded Kitchener Scholarships.
They found the cash very useful: one son bought books for his course; the other treated himself to a new laptop.
Both have been to Kitchener Scholar dos, met many others, and remained in contact; and it enhances a CV.
The current head of the trust is Emma Kitchener, w/o Julian Fellowes.
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