FREE Maxiraw protein samples available!


As agreed with ARRSE site admin (not spam!), we would like to offer members the opportunity to sample the Maxiraw protein products along with some of our new flavours soon to be launched.

Maxiraw is a new brand, created by Maximuscle and lets you buy fully-tested, quality-assured nutrition at some of the most competitive prices available. More about what we offer below:

- Whey protein from as little as £8.80/kg.
- Free delivery on all orders - no min spend
- Free t-shirt, shaker and multi-scoops with all first orders over £50
- 5p back for every £1 spent with the Maxirewards loyalty scheme
- Fully drug-tested and quality-assured pproducts


If you would like to try one of our protein products, please PM me with your full name and address along with your preference from the below options - Max 2 per person please!

WPC Precision (whey protein concentrate) - Raspberry Ripple, Choc Orange, Chocolate
Protein Complex (protein blend) - Raspberry Ripple, Chocolate
WPI Intensity (whey protein isolate) - Strewberry, Chocolate

Check out our full range and latest offers at MaxiRAW® | Quality Bulk Protein Powder for BodyBuilders
Join us on Facebook at MaxiRAW | Facebook

Any questions about our products just shout.

Still got some protein samples left if anyone is interested. PM me with your details and I'll get them posted to you.

Received my samples today Terry thank you. Will be looking to use them in the new year, once my current scheme is finished.
Okay so they was all drinkable, would defo not be disapointed if I bought them but was a bit powerdy even when mixed, though they did mix very well, just tasted powerdy.
The only one I found no faught with was the chocolate orange. Very nice! Thank you very much for these.
Dan :)
Chocolate WPI not bad if a little thin similar taste to Optimum Gold Standard Whey although the strawberry was pretty ordinary.Rasberry protein blend was quite good aswell would use again and many thanks for the samples.

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