Free London Travel when in Uniform for Olympics

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by combatcuddles, Jul 20, 2012.

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  1. Mayor and TfL to provide military personnel with free travel during London 2012 Games | Transport for London

    Much prefer to travel in civvis on my ID Card but still a nice gesture!

    Thousands of military in London to provide security during the Games will be able to travel for free on TfL services when in uniform.

    Mayor of London, Boris Johnson and TfL today announced that all military personnel working in the Capital to deliver a great London 2012 Games will be able to travel for free on all TfL services.

    Free travel will be offered to all military personnel when in uniform on London Underground, London's buses, the Docklands Light Railway, London Overground and other TfL-operated services for the duration of the Games, from Saturday 21 July to 11 September.

    All TfL staff will be instructed to simply open the gates at stations, or to allow free access to services to all uniformed military personnel.

    Mayor of London, Boris Johnson said: 'London is ready to welcome the world and host a hugely successful Olympic and Paralympic Games.

    'That success will be in no small measure down to the contribution of our boys and girls in the military.
    'Now, as ever, they have shown themselves ready to go above and beyond the call of duty.

    'With free travel on TfL services, we offer a thank you from London for their outstanding contribution to a great London 2012 Games.'

    London's Transport Commissioner Peter Hendy said: 'Free travel on all TfL services is the least we can do for our hard working military personnel.

    'Whenever they are in uniform, our staff will welcome them and ensure they can travel for free throughout the London 2012 Games.'
  2. Thats nice, sort of offsets the fact G4s staff have freebie Oyster cards for the same reason
  3. Now where did I put that old battledress?
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  4. Hmmm. Unsanctioned "Uniform to Work Week" here we come...
  5. In an unrelated story, shares in Silvermans shot up by 10 points in brisk trading this afternoon.
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  6. Does this include black cabs? (said while taking beret out of storage and touching up the blanco on me gaiters)
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  7. :omfg: Yukkkkk. :puker:
  8. Almost as bad as that press release yesterday:

  9. opposed to the lying polyester suited weasels in the government.

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  10. all very well but just try squeezing onto public transport!!!
  11. If the Gels of the FANY were to waer their uniform with authentic '40s foundation garments it would be a pleasure :wink:
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  12. A walt travel charter? No need for ID or Olympic type ID. Gonna be busy with every DPM wearing idiot claiming speshul travel.
  13. PCS has even been issued to us STABs for Op Olympics so anyone blagging it in DPM will be easy to spot
  14. Well done Boris. Long overdue but better late than never.

    Good point. Will there be some form of ID that would disbar those types?
  15. Hmmmm, how about a MOD90?