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Good Afternoon all,
as of yesterday i am a proud owner of a kindle, with it being the end of the month i am as usual skint!!
does anybody know of any good 'free' kindle books?
No mills and boon thanks:)

Thanks all

Go to the Amazon site & look at the free books on there?

May be old titles but there's some good ones.
Have you considered the novel approach of searching these hallowed halls on the subject.

I wouldn't go as far as saying it's been done to death, but even Dale has managed to suss it out.


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Agreed, it is a good idea. However i thought it also a good, if novel idea to ask the opinion of people who have had experience of downloading free books that may be of an interest to me:)
As I said, there's lots of information here already.

Seek and ye shall find.
There's a list of freebie reading stuff (plus a movie ot two) here.

I'm assuming you can download straight from the net rather than having to go through Amazon. Since Kindle can read just about all text related file formats, you should just need to search for the likes of free ebook download.
#14 I'm sure you can figure it out from there. But do buy a few books when you can, keeps them writing.
You can purchase (legally) CDs of 10,000 books of your favourite genre from Ebay.

They do work and for about £5 even if 50% are shite that is still a lot of cheap books.
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