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The London Olympics are almost upon us - and to celebrate, Endeavour hasthree great books to give away.

In 'Lordsof the Olympics', John Bryant charts the history of London and the Gamesthrough the stories of the three Lords who bought the Olympics to London.

Emma Lee-Potter's'Olympic Flames' is a sparkling romantic comedy set in the Olympic Village.Cam Mimi find true love and win gold in the same day? Read it to findout.

And in Matt Lynn's gritty 'BlackOp: Olympics', Jack Rogan and Alex Marden must foil a terror attack on theopening ceremony.

And if you speak German, you can downloadit in that langauge as well.

We have some great new books out this week. Nicola Horlick's 'Bees & Honey' is the essential guide to getting your finances in shape. AndMichael Davenport's 'GoldenYears' advises on how to make the most of your retirement.
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