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Once again our friends at Endeavour have come up with a couple of free Kindle books which you can pick up over today and tomorrow 30/31 May. Bit of a nautical theme but interesting nonetheless.

Endeavour has two great books with a naval theme to give away today andtomorrow.
AdmiralInsubordinate: The Life and Times of Lord Charles Beresford by RichardFreeman tells the story of one of the giant figures of British navalhistory.

And Falklands:Voyage to War by James Barrington is based on the diary of a young navalofficer sailing to the South Atlantic.

We have some great new books out this week.

'OnceThere Were Lions' by Roger Hurn is a fantastic young adult adventure set inWWII.

For fans of F. Scott Fitzgerald's Pat Hobby stories - he's back.
In AFool & His Money - Payback Time Martin Baker examines the state of thefinancial system.
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