Free Kindle books Bank Holiday w/e 5/6 May


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More from Endeavour plus a couple of other books which may be of interest (but cost).

Endeavour Press has two great free books to give away this week.

'MycroftHolmes and the Banker's Conclave'
is the latest installment in DavidDickinson's brilliant Mycroft Holmes series. Can the brother of Britain's mostfamous detective save the City from collapse?

And Karol Sikora's 'HowTo Beat Cancer' is the must-have guide to coping with the disease, writtenby one of the world's leading cancer specialists.

We have some great new books out this week.

Don't miss George Chamier's 'TheGreatest British Prime Ministers'.

Or Carol Martin-Sperry's'Good Sex, Bad Sex, No Sex: A Beginner's Guide'.

And Stewart King has his own unique take on the Jubilee in'Diamond Jubilee Apocalypse'.

Have a great bank holiday.
Thanks AY.

I bought the greatest PMs - although I know Maggie wins at the end.
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