Free Kindle Books - 21 April 2012


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A couple more free Kindle books from Endeavour Press

Enderavour Press has two great free books to give away this weekend.

Richard Foreman's 'Raffles:Bowled Over' is a treat for fans of historical fiction.

And got a big meeting coming up? The Michael Davenport's 'TheInstant Business Presentation' will put some rocket fuel into your PowerPoint.

We have some brilliant new titles available.

Don't miss Robert Avon's blackly comic 'TheSeducer's Diary'.

And if you like Michael Davenport, his 'TheInstant Aniversary Speech' will make sure your big day runs like clockwork.
Abgout Free Kindle books , I have signed up with this site: | The Easier, Faster, Smarter Way to Kindle!

Above all else, they offer links to Amazon Kindle books (for free), and it seems intuative.

Sadly I was too late to follow up A-Y recommendations and now find the actually want money

for those splendid books. :)
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