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Free IT courses for TA (and reg) Soldiers & MOD contractors

DELC said:
All courses are centrally funded including ECDL training and exams (no charges applicable to Civilian and Service employees, MOD contractors, Agency staff and TA members)
Quite a comprehensive set of courses on offer including IT training, ECDL, Business, PRINCE2 and ITIL training and exams.

but what is the definition of MOD Contractor, I am working on a MOD contract to provide an IT solution, does that mean I am eligible (I can get a MOD contractor ID card if needed - so I would presume yes).
DELC access is free and provided you can justify the Shriv courses as part of your TA job, I believe they are free too.

putteesinmyhands said:
Are these free, or is it just a wish that they be free?
Yes they are free, if your in 15 Bde the entrance to 2 AEC/DELC is the door to the right of 15 Bde HQ (about 25m) on the top floor. They will open on weekends if booked in advance (pity, cause I had several soldiers who I would have put on courses this weekend).

See the course booklet below (available from the location above and Imphal cook house p.s. (edit) or the link msr posted)


DLP initial account sign up is ONLY available through the Intranet at: http://www.dlp.dii.r.mil.uk/ (Or so I was told over a year ago when I enquired about home access.)

Then when you've got your log in sorted out through DCSA SPOC you will be able to access courses from home.........100's of them.

I've been doing courses in my 'down time' through the DLP at home (or in fact anywhere where I can get Internet access.) for over a year. It puts the DELC to shame for availability.

If you've already got sign in details go here:

Defence Learning Portal

Edited: Because I've got cumberland sausage finger syndrome.

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