Free iPod???

I have just been sent an email by an old friend with a link to this website:

Has anyone else on ARRSE joined?

Is it legitimate? If it is then I reckon that we could all get ourselves an iPod by recommending each other......

Maybe a hoax but looks legitimate enough to me.

Advice from my learned colleagues would be appreciated.
Come on, fellas. Have a word with yourselves. Ever heard of a confidence trickster? Would you let the fake "Gas Man" in your house so he can steal your jewellery?

True story. A troop commander in my unit in Iraq splashed out thousands of pounds up front for 10 or 20 iPods at an enourmous discount. He was already taking orders at a tidy mark-up when guess what happened? The iPods didn't show up and the money went awol.

Took him a year to get the cash back via the cops, courts etc.

There's another thread on a similar deal somewhere in here involves referrals again, but mostly for stuff you can cancel after a "Free Trial" at no cost.

BBC reported on it in the US and it sounds legit according to all of the students who have used it.

Then again, it could be the students themselves who set up the scam!!

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