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Endeavour Press has two great free books to give away this weekend.

by Mende Nazer is the brilliant sequal to 'Slave', and tell the story ofMende's search for the family she lost when she was taken into captivity.

And in 'DiamondJubille Apocalypse', Stewart King gives his own unique take on the upcomingcelebrations.
Read it if your dare.

We have some great new titles out this week.

In 'Lordsof the Olympics' John Bryant looks at the three men who bough the Games toLondon.

'BlackOps: Olympics' by Matt Lynn is a thrilling action-adventure story set - youguessed it - in East London in a few weeks time.

'Falklands:Voyage to War' by James Barrington is the brilliant story of a young navalofficer's journey into battle.

And 'Diaryof an Angel' by Robert Avon is a compelling literary novella.
No wonder they're free if all the K's are missing !!
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