"Free i-Pods" - is it a scam?

Sounds like one of those things "too good to be true" - Newsnight reported on a scheme whereby you can supposedly get a free i-Pod by signing up for an offer (like DVD rentals / 2 DVDs for a tenner - which you can then cancel within the notice period so it doesn't cost you anything).

Is this a repeat of the Hoover "free flights to America" offer or the mobile phone one where some people got some nice goodies but someone hadn't done the sums and they couldn't honour it? anyone any experience of this?


It looks like the BBC did a fairly good piece on it, so I would guess it works.

Perhaps we could use the forum to set up "referral" teams to try it out. Perhaps even setting group reminders to cancel the product that we are trialling.

I'm in if you are....want to try it out :?:

I decided I might give it a go, as the condition was you had to select an offer. Two of these were for DVDs and two for accounts at sport betting sites. Not much of a gambler so didn't look into what these involved - think you just open an account. On the other hand, I didn't mind spending a tenner on 2 DVDs. I may even keep them rather than close the account.

How I reckon it works out for them is a bit like a pyramid scheme. It doesn't cost you all that much personally, adn there's not much to be lost in spending a tenner and getting 2 DVDs in return, but the power of maths means that it's not going to work for everybody:

1 person refers 5 people
Each refers another 5
And so on...
Do this five times and it becomes 5 to the power 5 = 3125 people!

I would be very dubious if you had to hand over money upfront for nothing but if you either (a) get a couple of films, or (b) cancel and pay nothing, then "you may as well give it a go", I thought.
vrb.biatch said:
Looking at the link. If you scroll to the bottom of the page, it says it is only available in the US. Typical!!
The BBC link? If you go on the "free i-pods" one though it is in the UK too now. When I filled out the registration it was "UK addresses only" and there is a little Union Flag next to your name when you log in.
As an update, I got my new 30Gb video ipod last week. Was reluctant to count my chickens but came home from work and there it was. Total outlay: £10 (on the 2 DVDs).
I've been suckered into this too.
Glad to see it worked for Clownbasher, hope I have the same luck... :?
yes a scam. read the small print, its a bit like brittanni arecord club, you agree to buy a number of cds over a specific time period.
Correct - think it is even the same people who run the DVD thing. However, the DVD buying requirement is not too onerous and now I have the ipod in my hands, I might just cancel the DVD thing - the ipod is basically paid for by the referral money collected by the "freeipod" site, which is separate from the DVD company so I don't see what they can do. Either way, no real drama.

The link below BTW is for a friend who still needs a couple to get his.
It's working. :)

Day 1 and I'm nearly there!! :lol:

Pah!! To all you unbelievers!!!
Further info - reading the Terms and Conditions, if you take up the DVD offer to get your Ipod then can't be arrsed to fulfill your side of the bargain and buy more CDs and DVDs from them like you are supposed to... they can charge you a whopping fee of £25. This is the very worst they can do. Total cost of Ipod: £27.99, incl 1xBatman DVD.
Well I’ve been sucked in & one of you owe me 1/5 of their ipod.

So someone take pity on a poor ex squaddy working for the NHS & use my link for a free ipod ta.
A 'friend' of mine just sent me a link for this place, but I'm not convinced:

How long does it take & what do you get lumbered with while you're waiting?
Did anyone who signed up get the goods??
There is a bit of a delay as you have to convince 5 'friends' (as you put it) to sign up.
That said, I signed up with these folks Screen Select and am chuffed to bits. It saves a trip to Blockbusters and is far cheaper; in my first month I have had 5 films for only £9.99 (I reckon I could get through 8 a month all for under a tenner).
Postage is free and it works a treat, not that I'm trying to get anyone to click on my link below....
I'll bet you a pound to a pint of swamp that they are now bricking it, hoping the referral money comes in before anyone starts looking for their ipod, and that they can get the first lot off and fold the site before the pyramid maths makes it unprofitable..

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