Free Heroin anyone?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Shovel_Recce, Nov 20, 2007.

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  1. Driving to work yesterday, I found myself shouting at the radio in disbelief.

    There was a story about heroin clinics where druggies can go and get free needles, Diamorphine or even clean heroin and then shoot up in the clinic.

    These clinics are manned 24/7 365 days a year, so that the poor hard done by, downtrodden scum bags can go and get a fix. These fcukers had a choice when they got into drugs and therefore should be left to kill themselves. As John Humphphrey’s says there are people such as Alzheimer's sufferers or cancer sufferers who can not get medication yet these scum are being encouraged to get a free fix.

    What about squaddies coming home from ops who can't get the care they need, blokes and lasses that have put their necks on the line for queen and country!

    You can listen to the story via the Radio 4 website, on the today program listen again link (Monday 0730). You need RealPlayer. Or copy the link below into your browser.

    Un-be-fcuking-lievable :x :x :x

    Another article about it there, what a fantastic idea, give the druggies free drugs!

    Edit: on another note I really enjoy having a good old **** when I'm home, can the gov supply me with a hooker?
  3. But does giving them free drugs stop them thieving to fund their habit, and rival drug lords from shooting each other. And its not like we're paying for the heroin: Every now and then the RN capture a couple of tonnes of it in the Caribbean.

    Does the decrease in crime (even neu arbeit cant out-argue that 80% of crime is illegal-drug related) outweigh the cost? And the cost itself is nothing, a mere £2.5mil (I mean that sincerely) for two years of the project, giving people a fresh start in life. If they then go and bugger it up again though, that is a different matter.

    How many cancer drugs could you buy for £2.5 milion over two years?

    *awaits incoming*
  4. Just give em extra hardy doses... problem solved.
  5. Surely a 9mm round is cheaper!!!
  6. Well I was thinking with the war on and all that extra dope in 'stan that ammo's a bit more expensive at this point .
  7. I wouldn't waste the ammo! Fcuking SCUMBAGS!!! :x
  8. My bold.

    You raise an interesting question. However, my bold I believe should be encouraged
  9. Don't treat the scum. That saves the £15,000.
  10. YesItsMe

    YesItsMe LE Good Egg (charities)

    this is unbelievable ...

    put them away and lose the key - my advice
  11. I approve of the idea of offering free heroin and other drugs to addicts.

    They should be able to sign up for free drugs. In return they would waive their civil liberties and human rights, would be injected with contraceptive implants, have their children removed from them and rehomed, and would be kept apart from society - ideally on an island somewhere.

    The only return ticket would be if they ditched the habit. There should be a comprehensive rehabilitation programme for drug addicts and alcoholics.

    Incidentally, one former GP and prison doctor reckons that heroin is not particularly addictive, more of a lifestyle choice and a rejection of personal responsibility.
  12. Sounds good to me. Anyone who tries heroin is a loser and should just be written off .How can anyone grow up in britain and not know heroin is
    dangerous stupidity should hurt.
  13. forces and ex forces are not scum they've served their country and should be treated, the rest can sod off and die don't waste a liver on them.

    I pay tax as well and I'd rather it wasn't spent on these scum.

    But then I'm a bit jaded, criminals and junkies have more spent on helping them than I get as a war pensioner.
  14. Huh?
  15. I understand the logic and respect your experience in dealing with this issue.

    I however come from the other school of thought, i just think heroin addicts are greedy individuals, who have chosen their path and in turn rejected normal society. Unfortunately it is so wide spread in some areas that it has become normal society, and that is wrong!

    So if the answer is some form of rehab, i am not entirely happy that the addicts have their selfish behaviour reinforced by receiving free treatment when there are other more deserving cases awaiting NHS treatment.

    Addictive personality is the war cry, and surely the only way to break that cycle, is to force them to take responsibility for their actions.

    Do we bring back the work house system where these cretins can work to pay back their due?

    Take payments from them for the rest of their life (like the student loan system)?

    or just leave it be, where selfish individuals have their chosen life and community wrecking experience, and the good old tax payer will absolve them of all responsibility thus not breaking the cycle just condoning it?

    I am not a Nazi but i do think tougher action has to be taken. We are creating a monster that will continue to rear its head for at least another generation.