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Hi all,

I wasn't which part of the forum would be best to start this thread, but here goes. I am in the process of joining the army (finger's well and truly crossed.) and I have 3 root canal fillings and a chipped central incisor. I was wondering whether if my application is successful I could have these 3 dad teeth replaced by implants and whether the army's dentist's could/would do this as part of the free health care package.

It goes without saying the answer won't affect my application :rmp:

I had an implant through the mob, so it is possible, however it is a costly procedure, and will not be routinely offered. In my case, the loss of one of my upper canines was service-related, and this was a factor in deciding whether or not I should be given the option of an implant. I very much doubt that you will be offered this option, when cheaper viable alternatives exist.
Why do you want them replacing? I wouldn't mind a bit of botox but the MOD is hardly likely to pay for something that you would "like" doing, but you don't "need". In any cae, if you can't look after what nature gave you, what chance has something artificial got?


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If they have been successfully root treated then there is absolutely no reason to have them removed. You get better proprioception with a natural tooth even if it has been root filled (You can feel when you bite).

When I last looked, dentistry in the Army was being deliver free of charge as it's viewed as important that soldiers are dentally fit when they deploy on operations as dental infection can render a soldier sick and unable to work to the best of his ability.

If you want more info, feel free to PM me.
Totally agree with Fang_Farrier on this,

I cannot see a clinical need to replace those root filled teeth, they have already been treated. If the root fillings fail, then other treatments will be offered. Implants are a specialist service, rarely justified in most cases.

Your treatment will be cost free, whatever you need.

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