Free guns and jets for tryants

There not buying anything we are just giving them free stuff.
This is on top of any aid we are giving.
If Bae want to flogg weapons to dubious clients rock on just ask for cash up front.
If they claim thats not how things are done tough if I could get a free loan guarantee
I could easily flogg a 1000 land rovers in Brighton by tuesday and thats not even trying very hard.:(
Same with hawks "hello raf would you like some free flying things no you dont need to pay for them" simples :(
Yeah shes not actually dictator for life and even though the hysterical ranting of some the green council is no more competant than any the other hues we tried.
Travellers still taking the piss same as they did under tory labour no control now green.
Stupid cycle lanes torys labour no control and green.l etc etc.

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