Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by timtim1983, Aug 7, 2007.

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  1. i dont know if posts of this type are allowed on this forum but i found out some information on free give aways on BBC Newsnight, the Clip can be seen here Newsnight Clip

    the site for the uk is

    NextGen GiveAway

    what can you get, ps3, xbox360 or wii

    what do you need to do

    signup to the site above,

    complete 1 free offer (lovefilm have a 14day free trail) (remember to cancel)

    refer friends and family to do the same. you need 13 referrals for a ps3, 10 for xbox360 and 8 for a Wii

    if you are based in germany you should use your parents address as the lovefilm offer requires you to recieve at least one dvd (free) then get your parents to post it back to them
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    Put the two together and then do it you troll
  3. Can i refer you to an area between my but cheeks that can use a little bit of TLC, preferable with your toungue?

    Do that 14 times (8 if you are pulling me off at the same time) and i'l give you my Wii.
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  5. Avaunt, foul troll
  6. just watch the clip before you start calling me a troll, infact i am at 1uk ADSR

    just thought i would share with you what i have found out
  7. Last four backwards, cunt
  8. Yawn... Cnut

    Got your free ipod yet?
  9. not giving my last 4, and the ipod giveaway is america hence the american accents
  10. Dont give a f*** where you are. You dont come on ARRSE to try and get people to click your referral links. The vid? Watched it before calling you a troll

    Your first post to ARRSE is a web referral?

    Only thing you'll get referrals to here is an Oxygen Thief tag
  11. I gave your mum my last four...

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  12. American and you belive
  13. OOPS. Classic mistake!
  14. well done, it is a referral website, but if logic ever prevails, think about how many menbers use this only takes 13 to get a ps3.....ps3's cost £450 appx......wait here comes the big bit, thats a ps3 worth 450 that you can either keep or
  15. Your possibility of getting one? Rapidly decreasing by the minute. They will probably have.. 100 to give away. Now if everyone does the same on here alone (not to mention everywhere else) that means that 100 dissappears in about 2 days or less. This then means your collecting referrals for the XBox ends up in diddly squat maybe a free gift certificate for a couple of quid. They can still however list the freebie as they have as the small print covers them should they run out.

    So.. Have you got your Ipod/Xbox/Wii yet?