Free - Getting Rid Of Old Kit In Attic

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by Ash_Plant, May 17, 2009.

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  1. I am having a clear-out of my attic and found the following items of military kit that I no longer need:

    - Canadian Army Parka (Olive green with fur collar), small/medium size.
    - 1 set Desert Combats circa 2001, Jkt 180/96, trs 85/88/104.
    - Old style tropical DPM shirt, fairly well faded.
    - 58 webbing water bottle pouch.
    - 44 webbing water bottle pouch, water bottle and metal mug.
    - Iraqi army respirator.

    Free to a good home. PM me if you want any of it.
  2. 44 WB set and desert cbts have found homes.
  3. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    How about giving them to your local ACF Det?
  4. I'll have the parka - I'll look well ally in that little badger.
  5. Respirator Please
  6. That would be like a make-over then :wink:
  7. Oy smartarrse, people have to pay to abuse me. That's a tenner to MDN from you.

    Thanking you ta ......
  8. Pervert :D
  9. Apologies
  10. You must owe him thousands yourself :roll:
  11. What size is the tropic shirt, and how much?
  12. Ill pay for a bergan if anyone has a diffy one ? :D (apologies for the hijack!)
  13. In fact I have a genuine 1960s issue GI jacket if anyone wants it, it feckin hums but a quick dhobi and your sorted!
  14. I'll have the Jacket off you mate if you still have it!
  15. Done deal mate, PM me and ill fire it off to you, forget the postage just stick a fiver in the H4H pot :)