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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by mattam000, Aug 20, 2006.

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  1. Batterys not included ?
  2. what you mean?
  3. that just might be sarcastic humour

    don't little girls play this game?
  4. no all ages
  5. all ages boy or girl man or woman
  6. So what's in it for you?
    What sort of kickback do you get?

    I noticed that above & in the other thread you started plugging this 'game' you used your referral link. I also noticed that your neopets ID is mattam25125000 Now, I wonder what an 8 digit number starting with 25 could be.....


  7. i wonder what it could be
  8. there is nothing in it for me but for my son if he gets people referred he gets prizes for his pet on the site so im trying to help him out
  9. What an ace last 3 tho...
  10. lol when i get asked what my las three are and i say 000 they think im taking the p**s
  11. now I know you get something out of it for your kids

    gotta get me one of those

    good luck cool dad